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Candy 10kg Condenser Dryer GVSC10DE-80

Sensor Drying
The condenser tumble dryer features clever sensor dry technology, meaning you can set the level of dryness you require and the dryer then switches off automatically when this level of dryness has been reached. This prevents over-drying your clothes or wasting electricity.

In-Door Water Collection
The Candy easycase is a unique, patented water reservoir container built right into the tumble dryer's door. The ergonomically designed easycase reservoir makes it easy to see when the water needs emptying and has a convenient handle for easy removal for emptying and carrying in the same way as a small bag. The collected water can be reused around the home, such as filling the steam iron, mopping floors or watering plants. Not suitable for drinking.

Download the Candy simply Wi-Fi app to your Android smartphone and connect via NFC to control and manage your appliance via your mobile phone. With just one touch you can enjoy a range of cutting-edge features including programming when you want the dryer to start, downloading specialist programmes to suit your needs, perform health check features and check if any components require attention.

Product Features:
Smart touch
NFC connectivity
End of cycle indicator
10 Drying programmes
Water and fluff filter indicator


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Candy 10kg Condenser Dryer GVSC10DE-80

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